A Langa Goat

The goat you are adopting is part of a Langa herd and its milk is used to make the “L’Cravè” toma cheese

Producer: “L’Cravè” by Renato Maunero
Ingredients: 100% goat milk – In-house made starter whey
Peel: thin, soft and velvety
Paste: soft, without holes, white in colour
Ripening: from fresh up to 20 days
Shape: flat cheese, approx. 15 cm in diameter each

Stricly called a “lattica” cheese, this toma cheese is made with raw milk and no addition of ferments. Approximately 2 liters of milk is used to make each “L’Cravè” toma cheese, which is exclusively milked from Renato’s pasture-fed goats.

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The story of Renato Maunero is a story of passion with its turning point in 2007, when he decided that he had to come to terms with his real needs and interests and changed his life. His search for authenticity asked for a deeper connection with nature, so he made up with his satisfying 20-year long business activity. He has patiently committed to goat breeding ever since, starting with a mere two goats and creating his own herd little by little, with dedication and passion. Today, his herd is made of 50 goats, which Renato milks for making cheese.
Renato relates the choice of devoting to goat breeding and cheese making to when he used to visit his grandgrandmother and she prepared a goat toma cheese.He is fond of his herd and the wellbeing of the goats is his priority. This is why he is concerned with the rhythms of nature, makes no use of animal feed and still follows the ancient tradition of ‘transhumance’, moving his herd to Summer pastures in Alta Langa.This experience has already made many of Renato’s dreams come true. He also hopes, however, to serve as an inspiration for young people, who must understand how important it is to work hard and get committed in order to feel fully satisfied.
The period of cheese making lasts from March till October. During off-periods, Renato devotes to another traditional activity of the Langhe region: the search of the white truffle of Alba.


  • 6 toma cheeses, made with the milk milked from the goat you adopted. Each toma cheese will weigh approx. 300 grams
  • The toma cheese will be made ready depending on the processing time of the dairy. In the event that you prefer not to wait for your cheese to be ready, you may as well get the same share of cheese, but chosen among those that are already ready on the premises. Shipping is not provided.
  • You will be kept updated about the herd and the different making stages of the toma cheese. You will have the opportunity to meet your goat when you come to collect your products. The cost relative to transport, accommodation, meals, etc are not included. Thus, you will have the chance to come and visit the Langhe and discover one of the most stunning spots in the world!


By adopting a Langa goat, whose milk makes the cheeses of the dairy “L’Cravè” by Renato Maunero, which is located in Cherasco (CN) and Camerana (CN), you will be sent home:

  • the official adoption certificate, certified by Made In Langhe & Roero, where you will be decorated “honorary shepherd” for the running year
  • a jar containing some “Langhe ground”, as a symbol for the bond you made with this land
  • an informative card about the producer and the cheese you chose
  • a picture of the goat you adopted with its name
  • custom labels with the name of the adopter, that you can apply on the products
  • a Langhe map, showing where the excellence you adopted is located

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