A portion of cereal and herb garden

Orto delle Erbe estate is located in Verduno, whereas crops are in San Rocco Cherasca – less than 4 unspoilt hectares devoted to herbs, officinal herbs, cereal and wild flowers.

Here, no weedkillers nor fertilization is used: to limit weeds Adriana makes use of a mulch made of the straw that results from cereal waste.
The whole process of farming and processing of herbs and cereal is handmade.

HERBS: after the crop has been crushed in the workshop, it is blended with unrefined Atlantic sea salt (Cadiz bay – Andalucia) and then put into jars. The result is dry seasoning mixes that are very perfumed and can be used in a number of different ways while cooking.

Herbs are dried the natural way, which allows for retaining their smell and sensory properties.

CEREAL: before resulting into tasty products like crackers, flat bread schiacciatina and else, grains are grinded in an ancient stone mill that is located not far away from the estate.

When can I collect my products?


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L’Orto delle Erbe

Grown up in a family of farmers since generations, Adriana has always been in love with the land of her childhood and has always had a passion for herbs. After attending a class on biodynamic farming in 2005 she decided to realize her long-standing wish to recover the plot of land that her parents had to abandon after the whole area was flooded in 1994 and she started growing some herbs there.

One step at a time, though: at the beginning she continued working as a graphic designer at the same time, her beloved job she’s done for almost 20 years.

Little by little, then, she started growing cereal crops (e.g. spelt, buckwheat, ottofile corn, etc) alongside sage, rosemary and other herbs, till her estate became as it is nowadays – a small yet demanding estate needing full time commitment.
Even though farming takes a remarkable amount of effort, especially when it is carried out as naturally as possible like at Orto delle Erbe, Adriana’s enthusiastic passion in making her products is really overwhelming – a passion which is communicated to those who meet her at the farmer’s markets and which is turned into high quality when it comes to her original blends and products.



  • a 200g packet of Panderbe breadcrumb with herbs, made with the cereal and herbs grown in the portion of garden you adopted
  • a 250g packet of spelt tagliatelle with sage, made with the cereal and herbs grown in the portion of garden you adopted
  • a 200g packet of spelt flatbread schiacciatine with chili and horseradish, made with the cereal and herbs grown in the portion of garden you adopted
  • a 500g packet of spelt/buckwheat in grains, made with the cereal grown in the portion of garden you adopted
  • a 500g packet of whole spelt/buckwheat flour, made with the cereal grown in the portion of garden you adopted
  • a 80g jar of unrefined salt with Langhe herbs, made with the herbs grown in the portion of garden you adopted
  • a packet containing a blend of 7 herbs, made with herbs grown in the portion of garden you adopted

The packets will be made ready depending on harvest time. In the event that you prefer not to wait for your product to be ready, you may as well get the same share of product, but chosen among the ones that are already ready on the premises. Shipping is not provided.

You will be kept updated about the different stages of growing. The cost relative to transport, accommodation, meals, etc are not included. If you are interested, you can also take part of thematic workshop organized by the manufacturer (costs to be defined with the manufacturer). Thus, you will have the chance to come and visit the Langhe and discover one of the most stunning spots in the world!


By adopting a portion of cereal and herb garden of Langa you will be sent home:

  • the official adoption certificate, certified by Made In Langhe & Roero for the running year
  • a jar containing some “Langhe ground”, as a symbol for the bond you made with this land
  • an informative card about the producer and the garden you chose
  • custom labels with the name of the adopter, that you can apply on the products
  • a Langhe map, showing where the excellence you adopted is located

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