A beehive

You can adopt a beehive from which the fine lavender honey is made.

The lavender plants, which belongt to Farm Adrienn Tromler, grow on the sweet hills located in the area between La Morra and Cherasco.

The lavender honey that results, which is rather rare in Italy, has a unique aroma that is delicate yet persistent, with a fresh nose and extremely well-balanced in taste.
It crystallizes quite quickly, forming medium-thin crystals. The colour varies from straw yellow to amber yellow when liquid; from white to beige, sometimes with yellow shades, when crystallized.
Fragrance and taste are averagely intense, with some acidity and a persistent aftertaste.
The aroma recalls herbs, camomile flowers, fig leaves and a scent that remind of infusion tea. To the mouth there is a taste of tropical fruits and hints of ripe fig, nougat, almond.

When can I collect my products?



Abandon a catwalk career around the world and start growing and operating flowers: this is what Adrienn Tromler did when she decided to stop hushing up her true passion.
Her valiant choice made shape in 2000, when she planted 5 rows for a total of over 1,500 lavender plants on the sweet hills between the villages of Cherasco and La Morra and devoted herself to producing perfumed sachets and honey, backed by the Comunità di Gorra. The Comunità di Gorra, whose name comes from the hamlet near Bene Vagienna where it was founded in 1980 on the wishes of Father Natale Capra, is a solid ethically committed entity today. It hires over 20 young people on, providing them accommodation. Its main aim is beekeeping and honey production, with great care for quality: their bees are put in the best crops, like rhododendrons in the Castelmagno area and acacias in the Asti area. As for Adrienn, bees produce lavender honey, which is rich in healthy compounds. It is only sold by her directly at the Ciabot della Lavanda in Cherasco and in a few selected shops, like Pasticceria Barbero in Cherasco.
Adrienn has enthusiastically joined the Made in Langhe e Roero initiative and is waiting forward to meet you at her stunning estate on the hills, where you may also be accommodated in the unique Eco-Lodge: do not miss the chance to sleep over the trees and enjoy an unforgettable experience. www.ecolodgelanghe.it




  • 4 jars of lavender honey, made by the bees of the hive you adopted. Each jar weighs 500 grams. You will also get a lavender sachet.
  • The sachets will be made ready depending on harvest time. In the event that you prefer not to wait for your product to be ready, you may as well get the same share of product, already available from producer. Shipping is not provided.
  • You will be kept updated about the beehive, which you will see while meeting the producer and collecting your products. The cost relative to transport, accommodation, meals, etc are not included. Thus, you will have the chance to come and visit the Langhe and discover one of the most stunning spots in the world!


By adopting a beehive you will be sent home:

  • the official adoption certificate, certified by Made In Langhe & Roero and valid for the running year
  • a jar containing some “Langhe ground”, as a symbol for the bond you made with this land
  • an informative card about the honey and the producer you chose
  • custom labels with the name of the adopter, that you can apply on the products
  • a Langhe map, showing where the excellence you adopted is located

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