A row of Nebbiolo vines
for Barolo

Wine: Barolo DOCG
Vine varieties: 100% Nebbiolo
Producer: Azienda Agricola Stra
Vineyards: Novello, Foglio I Particella  573
Alcohol content: 15% vol.

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Wide, well-structured, with floreal and fruity notes. The palate is fresh and persistent. It is well suited for an ageing of over 5/7 years.


SOME FOOD PAIRINGS: tasty, well-structured meat dishes, game, braised beef. Aged cheeses, preferably hard ones.



Barolo is made exclusively from the Nebbiolo grape, which is the noblest grape in Piedmont and the land where it grows best is the very Langhe and Roero area. Its name is likely to derive from the Italian word for fog – whether this has to do with the grapes forming that foggy veil on their skins that is bloom or rather with the fact that it ripes later in autumn, when the hills are covered with fog. Also known as “the wine of kings” and “the king of wines”, this is one of the most sought-after wines in the world.

Quoting from the Consortium for Protection: “The colour is an intense granate red, with an aroma that is fruity and spicy at a time; both the nose and mouth remind of wild berries, cherries in spirits and jam, but it also has delicate hues of wild violets and roses, cinnamon and pepper, nutmeg, vanilla and sometimes licorice, cocoa, tobacco and leather. It must be aged for a minimum of three years, 1.5 of these years in oak, and only after a 5-year ageing it can be labelled as a ‘Riserva’”.




  • 6 bottles of Barolo DOCG “Ciocchini Loschetto” or Barolo DOCG “La Volta”, made from the grapes of the vineyard you adopted.
  • The bottles will be made ready depending on each production regulation and the agenda of the producer. Usually Barolo is made available by the producer in the spring of the fourth year after grape harvest. In the event that you prefer not to wait for your wine to be ready, you may as well get the same bottled share of the same product, but from previous vintages (provided there is availability on the premises). Shipping is not provided.
  • You will be kept updated about the work done in the vineyard where your row is located, that you can visit when you come to collect your bottles. The cost relative to transport, accommodation, meals, etc are not included. Thus, you will have the chance to come and visit the Langhe and discover one of the most stunning spots in the world.


By adopting a row of Nebbiolo vines for Barolo you will be sent home:

  • the official adoption certificate, certified by Made In Langhe & Roero, where you will be decorated “honorary wine-maker” for the running year
  • a jar containing some “Langhe ground”, as a symbol for the bond you made with this land
  • an informative card about the producer and the wine you chose
  • a Langhe map, showing where the excellence you adopted is located
  • custom labels with the name of the adopter, that you can apply on the products
  • a rooted Nebbiolo cutting, which you may either pot or plant out into your garden

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for Barolo”